Dictation 3: Life in Britain

24 Mar


Dictation Practice


Instructions for use:

  1. PRESENTATION ~ Lettura scorrevole di orientamento: ascolta senza scrivere.
  2. DICTATION ~ Lettura lenta e spezzettata con repetizione: ascolta e scrivi.
  3. FINAL READING ~ Lettura scorrevole di controllo: ascolta e aggiusta (se necessario).

ATTENZIONE: il testo originale è nei commenti. Non guardare prime di effettuare la prova!


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3 risposte a “Dictation 3: Life in Britain

  1. Tony Lawson

    24/03/2015 at 11:29


    I like the parks in Britain, especially Hyde Park in London. The parks are always clean and some are really big, and it’s great to go for a walk and see all the trees in the centre of a city. There’s always something interesting to see or to do. Sometimes there are festivals where you can listen to music or watch a show. But you can also relax in the parks and just read a newspaper on a Sunday morning for example. The one thing I don’t like here is the food. It’s expensive, not very good and I can’t find any good cheap Italian restaurants.

    • sara

      16/09/2017 at 09:58

      Good morning teacher,
      I did the exercise, I had difficulty to listen “some are” that I had understand “summer” and “where you” that I heard something like “wray” (that not exist :D).

      This is my reading exercise:

      Thank you,

      • Tony

        16/09/2017 at 12:53

        Hi Sara. Once again, your reading is pretty good and quite expressive. You still need to give more weight to your long vowels (trees, parks) and also be careful with the first syllable of “London” and also the sound of “some” (it’s the same sound). Also don’t pronounce the ‘l’ in “walk” and put the stress on the first syllable in “interesting”.


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