1. Hi Prof.
    Could I say:” In my family, we are five of us”?.
    I think I found it somewhere….

    1. Mettere “we” e anche “us” è un po’ ridondante. Meglio o “we are five” oppure “there are five of us”.

  2. There are four people in my family . One of them is the boss : the cat ! 🙂

  3. Hi, just a curiosity: is it possible to say also “My family is composed by five people”?

    1. No, Marta. That’s just the point. English families simply aren’t ‘composed’.
      You could say, “My family is made up of five people” but it is much easier (and far more common) just to say, “There are five people in my family”.

      1. it’ very beautiful speaking whit them. My family have four persons composed. It’ all rigth!!

        1. Hi Moira. No, it’s not alright because you are using “compose” to talk about your family and we don’t use “compose” in this context. The easiest way is to say, “There are four people in my family.”

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