1. Toooooooooo difficult for me: I think that to get to the solution you must think about a word which concerns the tv…..or its screen …uhmmm

    1. You need to start with a colloquial way of saying “television” in British English and then look at the images, bearing in mind the main clue: “You will need a lot of this in order to solve this rebus!”

      1. lol which I don’t have 🙂 “intelligent”…….I chated….I peered at Mauro ….

        I’ve never used “telly” I know “goggle box” but I think it’s American

    1. Ahah! Finally someone brave enough to try! OK. First of all you need to find a different way to say TV in English, a slang way. Then see if you can make it work with the visual clues and the main “suggestion”…

      1. Well, I was working (sorry if I sound rude) with “a lot of… pee” = “pees” = peace. I’m afraid I’ve gone too far 🙂

      2. Hmmm, I’m still groping in the dark. If the solution is a phrase, can I know how many words are and how many letters each word?

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