Cerca di individuare il gioco di parole
che dà un secondo senso alla vignetta.

Puoi trovare altri giochi di parole
divertenti e didattici

Your comments are always very welcome.


Author: Tony

Born and raised in Malaysia between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. Educated at Wycliffe College in Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, England. Living in the foothills of Mount Etna since 1982 and teaching English at Catania University since 1987.

13 thoughts on “Gents”

  1. Toooooooooo difficult for me: I think that to get to the solution you must think about a word which concerns the tv…..or its screen …uhmmm


    1. You need to start with a colloquial way of saying “television” in British English and then look at the images, bearing in mind the main clue: “You will need a lot of this in order to solve this rebus!”


      1. lol which I don’t have 🙂 “intelligent”…….I chated….I peered at Mauro ….

        I’ve never used “telly” I know “goggle box” but I think it’s American


    1. Ahah! Finally someone brave enough to try! OK. First of all you need to find a different way to say TV in English, a slang way. Then see if you can make it work with the visual clues and the main “suggestion”…


      1. Well, I was working (sorry if I sound rude) with “a lot of… pee” = “pees” = peace. I’m afraid I’ve gone too far 🙂


      2. Hmmm, I’m still groping in the dark. If the solution is a phrase, can I know how many words are and how many letters each word?


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