1. “When” is good and “leave” is good, but “day” is not.
      The name “Wendy” is pronounced: uéndii.
      Think again. It is a question and you need a subject…

    1. Hi Benedetta, you’ve got quite close but your version does not fully correspond to the pronunciation of the first name. Think again…

      1. 🙂 i try again…..
        when did leave?

        ps. (but i am not sure…is it possible have a question sentence without subject?)

      1. Now that is very close, Dino, but there is still a pronunciation problem if you think about it carefully…

    1. Think carefully about the pronunciation of the name, Roberta. Your idea is good but the answer is a little more complex. “Leave” is good.

        1. Hi Giuseppe. Nice try but the pronunciation doesn’t work. Think carefully about how we pronounce “Wendy”. It’s tricky this one. “Leave” is good.

            1. lol “when do I leave” when’d I leave …….oh God it’s driving me nuts…lol

                1. lol lol lol lol porca porca lol lol …..”when did he leave”? now I got it eh!!!!!

                    1. Ohhhhhhhhh it was about now!!! better late than never!!!!! Banana ,the genius!!!

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