Cerca di individuare la parola (una sola)
a cui si riferiscono la frase e le immagini.

Puoi trovare altri giochi di parole
divertenti e didattici


Author: Tony

Born and raised in Malaysia between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. Educated at Wycliffe College in Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, England. Living in the foothills of Mount Etna since 1982 and teaching English at Catania University since 1987.

12 thoughts on “Talking”

        1. “Clumsy” is not the right word here, Roberta. “Clumsy” is very “physical” – maldestro.
          You need to use what we call in English “lateral thinking”.
          Why the shoe? What kind of shoe is it? What make is it?
          Why the man? Who is he? What region is he from?


          1. I wanted to say “imbranata” what’s the right word?

            no no no too many questions whose answers I don’t know lol I QUIT!!


    1. No Dino, you’re looking for ONE English word which is connected to the sentence and also in some way to the two images…


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