1. It looks good, Paolo, but what do you mean by “court”? If it is supposed to be a verb then the spelling is different…. 😉

      1. Well, “they’ve” is good, and if “have” is not “avere/possesso” but an auxiliary, then what would you expect to find after it? (Bear in mind that the surname could actually be two words.)

      2. So sorry I haven’t answered you anymore :((((….

        “They’ve courted house” I’m sure that’s not the right one .

        1. Hmmm… Not sure how to help you without giving you the answer! How about this:
          Subject + verb (present perfect) + object (pronoun)

    1. Interesting attempt, Dino. The first part is quite promising but I’m not sure at all about “cases”. Think also about “court”: what else could it be that sounds the same?

              1. But I’m very very inquiring. Thanks Prof I thought a lot but……..nothing.

  1. difficult!!!! “They’ve…..” I’ll think about it…….” “They’ve cut us” nahhhhhh

      1. Roby is a bad girl : she read Carla’s solution !!!
        btw what does “to be quick off the mark” mean?

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