1. It looks good, Paolo, but what do you mean by “court”? If it is supposed to be a verb then the spelling is different…. 😉

      1. Well, “they’ve” is good, and if “have” is not “avere/possesso” but an auxiliary, then what would you expect to find after it? (Bear in mind that the surname could actually be two words.)

        1. Hmmm… Not sure how to help you without giving you the answer! How about this:
          Subject + verb (present perfect) + object (pronoun)

    1. Interesting attempt, Dino. The first part is quite promising but I’m not sure at all about “cases”. Think also about “court”: what else could it be that sounds the same?

  1. difficult!!!! “They’ve…..” I’ll think about it…….” “They’ve cut us” nahhhhhh

      1. Roby is a bad girl : she read Carla’s solution !!!
        btw what does “to be quick off the mark” mean?

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