1. I won’t need to take the bus to the workplace when I am 64-year old, because retired.

        1. Ah, ok! You’ve understood the pun (when I’m) and now you’re trying to explain it. In effect it is a song by the Beatles which says, “Will you still need me when I’m 64?” 😄

    1. And here’s the meaning of the suggestion… I would have been thinking about it all night long… I found out they are The Beatles searching the internet, but I don’t know them so well!

      1. The question is “Will you still need me?”, and the bus answer “When I am 64”.
        In Italy, 64 is the age where, more or less, the men that started working after high school can retire. So I thought the bus will still need some help when he is retired…

          1. So nice “you’re one step ahead”, a new phrase to keep in mind. And I don’t need to write it on my notebook, because you reminded me of the Steps Ahead, a jazz rock group I used to listen when I was young! Thank you Tony, have a good night!

              1. Steps Ahead is a jazz fusion group formed by portorican vibraphonist Mike Mainieri in the 1970s.
                They are active in the 70s and 80s, but two years ago they made a new album. They are one of the milestones of Fusion Music, fusing elements of jazz, rock, funk and rhithm & blues. Individually, all the musicians that composed the group, are very famous in jazz and electronic jazz music.

                1. Interesting. I shall have to look out for some of their music online. Are they similar to Chick Corea’s “Return to Forever”?
                  [They were active…rhythm…that formed the group]

                  1. Yes, they are. They are very similar to Chick Corea Electric Band. On You Tube there are a lot of live concerts!

                    1. One of my TOP albums in that period was “Romantic Warrior” by “Return to Forever”.

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