Would you like some tea?

~ some / any / a ~

Esercizio a livello elementary.
Per trovare le soluzioni, passaci sopra lo spazio con il mouse senza cliccare.

[pc only]

    1. There’s  _______  milk in the fridge, but there aren’t  _______  biscuits.
    2. I can’t find  _______  good postcards of the cathedral.
    3. Tom bought  _______  new jacket yesterday.
    4. The supermarket didn’t have  _______  lemons.
    5. Do you want  _______  glass of wine with your sandwich?
    6. We’ve still got  _______  tickets for the concert on Sunday evening.
    7. Do you know  _______  good restaurants around here?
    8. We had  _______  good lunch and  _______  free time in the afternoon.
    9. Would you like  _______  strawberries and ice cream?
    10. There is  _______  bus stop but I can’t see  _______  buses.


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