1. Essendo molto “generica” la frase, toglierei “some”.
      You could also say, “I like strolling in foreign cities.” 🙂

  1. I don’t really like to stroll (strolling?).Usually I walk quickly, with a bit stiff steps.

    1. Meglio “strolling” se si tratta di una cosa abituale.
      I’m not sure what you mean by “big stiff steps”.

  2. After lunch on Saturday afternoon we usually stroll by the sea. It is very relaxing to hear the sound of the sea.

    1. It sounds wonderful!
      “Stroll” is one of those “activities” that lend themselves to expressions like:
      To go for a stroll
      To have a stroll

  3. My best part of the day is the stroll through the park after dinner: this is way they call me “Paolo the stroller”.

  4. I’m strolling lost in my desire for a trip out of the world, and then, come back in it with small steps …… strolling again. (?????)

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