1. [Nel menu di “HOME” c’è un link alla pagina “ask the Prof” dove andrebbero postate domande di questo genere un’altra volta 😉 ]

    La lettera non è male e gli errori che ci sono non impediscono la comprensione che è la cosa più importante. Ho aftto alcune modfiche cercando di intervenire il meno possible.

    Dear Roel’s parents
    My husband and I are very concerned about the situation that all of us are living.
    We thank you for your hospitality and friendliness that show your affection for Linda. We are calmer knowing that Linda is at your home!
    In Italy (Emilia Romagna), where our daughter Lucrezia is, the situation is really dramatic…21.000 infected ad 4.000 dead; in Sicily there are just 200 cases because the regional governement quickly issued restrictive measures so I and my husband are stuck at home, we only go to the supermarket and pharmacy.
    We believe that limited contact can decrease the probability of infection so we talked to Linda about our anxieties.
    We hope you can live this period in serenity!
    Nelly and Giuseppe

  2. Have any of you ever been to Thailand?
    Dear Prof, let’s beat the virus crown. Come on, and best wishes to your whole family

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