1. (Very interesting channel, indeed!)
    Here is the new aristocracy! Once they built the palace of Versailles, nowadays they flight into space. Similar ways of obtaining the resources as well: exploitation of workers and of possibility of not paying taxes.
    I hadn’t been very interested in Bezoz’s flight and I had thought he was ”simply” giving birth to another commercial enterprise: a kind of luxurious travel agency for extremely rich people.
    This video made me think his intentions could be even more selfish. I don’t believe him saying that the solution of our planet’s problems consists in moving all the polluting activities into space. Instead I think he’d like to project an alternative world with ideal colonies, like the one shown in the video, available for rich people, while ordinary people, like me :), are bound to keep on living in this wonderful but troubled planet that Bezoz and friends will impoverish even more.
    I hope to be wrong, and anyway I think it won’t happen in a very near future, however I’m going to uninstall the amazon app. 😉

    1. Thanks for your contribution, Kris. I think a lot of people, including myself, had similar thoughts to you originally. That’s one of the reasons why I like the DDN Channel, it helps me to think deeper about important issues. I’ve made a few small corrections for you (don’t be too angry with yourself!)

      …nowadays they fly into space…
      …and the possibility of not paying taxes…
      …I hope I’m wrong, and anyway I don’t think it will happen…

      1. I won’t be too angry with myself! 😁 Thank you very much for your comment and above all for your corrections 🙂

          1. OK. “Tricky” does have that meaning as well, but it tends to be used more in the sense of “complicated”, “difficult”. Perhaps it would be clearer to use an adjective like “deceitful” or “devious”?

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