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• esercizi di ascolto in inglese •

Chi non ha la possibilità di interagire regolarmente con persone di madrelingua inglese dovrebbe necessariamente compensare facendo il più ascolto possibile. In questa pagina sono raggruppati tutti i podcasts della mitica BBC per dare la possibilità di allenare l’orecchio a tutti i livelli.

6 Minute Grammar (per tutti)

Verb tenses 6 Minute Grammar

Neil and Catherine go on a 'tour' of 6 very important English tenses.
  1. Verb tenses
  2. Too, very, enough
  3. Subject questions
  4. 'Used to'
  5. Might, may, could

6 Minute Vocabulary (per tutti)

Male and female job words 6 Minute Vocabulary

Policeman / policewoman, actor / actress – learn about job titles and gender.
  1. Male and female job words
  2. New words
  3. Weather words
  4. Homophones
  5. Compound nouns

6 Minute English (intermediate)

Loneliness 6 Minute English

Neil and Rob talk about loneliness and how some people prefer their own company.
  1. Loneliness
  2. Is punctuality important?
  3. Could you be a victim of online fraud?
  4. Melting ice sheet: Is it too late?
  5. Walkman: the music player revolution
  6. Could humans live in underwater cities?
  7. Hacking help for US elections
  8. Do chimps have the same emotions as us?
  9. How can we make the web a better place?
  10. Coronavirus: Dealing with mass unemployment post-pandemic

The English We Speak (intermediate)

Don't share too many photos of your children!
  1. Sharenting
  2. Plastic footprint
  3. Spoiler alert!
  4. Listicle
  5. Doomscrolling

News Review (advanced)

Covid-19: Will vaccine be for all? Learning English News Review

Tom and Neil have the vocabulary you need to talk about this news story.
  1. Covid-19: Will vaccine be for all?
  2. Calls for ban on 'anti-vax' social media
  3. Kamala Harris: First female US vice-president
  4. US election day 2020
  5. Harry and Meghan to make shows with Netflix

Global News (advanced)

More than 300 people are sentenced to life in prison in Turkey Global News Podcast

In 2016 a faction within the Turkish military spearheaded a failed coup against President Erdogan. Also: Argentinians have been paying their respects to the footballer, Diego Maradona, whose body is lying in state in the presidential palace, and a British genetic research project is seeking to eradicate scarring within a generation by studying the Zebra fish.
  1. More than 300 people are sentenced to life in prison in Turkey
  2. Football genius Maradona dies aged 60
  3. France to tax US high-tech giants on 2020 earnings
  4. Joe Biden says 'America is back'
  5. Trump acknowledges transition of power to Biden

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