Skipping” in literature

Early Monday morning Dorothy and Nancy were skipping along the avenue on their way to school. Every day of the first week had been sunny, and here was Monday with the bright blue sky overhead, and the little sunbeams dancing on the road.

Amy Brooks – Dorothy Dainty’s Gay Times

But you stop here by yourself a bit, Maggie, will you? I’ve got something I want to do upstairs.” “Can’t I go too?” said Maggie, who in this first day of meeting again loved Tom’s shadow. “No, it’s something I’ll tell you about by-and-by, not yet,” said Tom, skipping away.

George Eliot – The Mill on the Floss
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Sparkle” in literature

She walked out a little from the station, and presently she met “King” Plummer coming back. He dismounted, returned the horse to its owner, and approached her, the sparkle of enthusiasm in his eyes lighting up his brown face. “That was a pleasant surprise, Mrs. Grayson,” he exclaimed.

Joseph Alexander Altsheler – The Candidate: A Political Romance

Barret had about half filled his botanical box with what he believed to be an interesting collection of plants that would cause the eyes of Milly Moss to sparkle, when the position of the sun and internal sensations induced him to think of his midday meal. It was tied up in a little square paper package. There was a spring at the bottom of the cliffs.

Robert Michael Ballantyne – The Eagle Cliff
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Stroll” in literature

There was a brief silence, and then a match was struck again, and almost immediately she inhaled the fragrance of an excellent cigar. “I am going to have a comfortable smoke and stroll about always within sight and hearing. I daresay you are watching me, and wondering what will happen when I discover you, I can tell you what will happen.

Frances Hodgson Burnett – The Shuttle

As it was now too near the middle of the day to see any dancing, and hearing that a bull was expected down from the country, to be baited in the presidio square, in the course of an hour or two, we took a stroll among the houses.

Richard Henry Dana – Two Years Before the Mast
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Baffled” in literature

“You’ve got to start with material things,” said Gerald. Which statement Birkin ignored. “And we’ve got to live for SOMETHING, we’re not just cattle that can graze and have done with it,” said Gerald. “Tell me,” said Birkin. “What do you live for?” Gerald’s face went baffled. “What do I live for?” he repeated.

David Herbert Lawrence – Women in Love

“No, sir, I have not. I confess I’m baffled. The secret has been well kept. The publishers have shut up like a clam. There’s only one thing that I’m pretty well sure of.” “What’s that?” demanded Ryder, interested. “That no such person as Shirley Green exists.” “Oh,” exclaimed the financier, “then you think it is a mere nom de plume?” “Yes, sir.”

Charles Klein – The Lion and The Mouse: A Story Of American Life
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Cling” in literature

And they ceased talking, each agreeably surprised by the other’s sympathy. It was on his lips to say, “We are both elderly people now, and must cling to each other.”

George Augustus Moore – Sister Teresa

There is no doubt that the almost invariable result of suffering and want is to create selfishness in the sufferer, and cause him to cling desperately to the little he may possess.

Augustus J. Thebaud – Irish Race in the Past and the Present
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