Daily Translation Elementary ~ Answers


Ecco le mie soluzioni.
Usa la sezione per i commenti in fondo a questa pagina solamente se ti resta un dubbio o per controllare una versione alternativa o se hai bisogno di qualche spiegazione.

1) Can you tell Tom to come later, please?

2) Anne sat down next to Neil and put her hand on his.

3) Jack chose a ham sandwich because he wasn’t very hungry.

4) Tom always leaves his dirty shoes in the kitchen.

5) They’ve got two white cats. Their names are Tissie and Jess.

6) There weren’t any free seats near the stage.

7) Tom hardly ever talks to his brother.

8) Does Bob’s dog always follow him to the shops?

9) I’ve got some photos of Neil and Lucy when they sang together.

10) This newspaper article can’t be serious.

11) I had to sleep in the children’s bedroom.

12) It wasn’t in the usual place but I found it in the end.

13) We saw a lot of swans on the lake yesterday afternoon.

14) Nobody knew where the bathroom was.

15) They didn’t have any bread so I bought these crackers.

16) What does Lucy want to do after lunch this afternoon?

17) Why aren’t the children at school today? Is it a holiday?

18) How many times do I have to tell you?

19) Tom decided to follow his father’s advice in the end.

20) What did Lucy want to know?

21) Are you going to paint these walls blue as well?

22) We’re going to spend the night in a tent on the beach.

23) What are you doing with that newspaper? I need it.

24) We weren’t there when the parcel arrived.

25) Did you notice anything different that day?

26) I can’t see you. Where are you sitting?

27) Can you hear that dog? It barks every evening.

28) Is this table big enough for everybody?

29) I don’t usually keep old newspapers but I’ve got a few (some).

30) I’d like to learn to play the violin.

31) Isn’t Lucy’s old school near here?

32) What are you waiting for? Jump!

33) Why didn’t you leave anything for us last night?

34) Come here! We’ve still got a lot to do.

35) Don’t leave your bicycle outside. It’s going to rain.

36) I left my heart in San Francisco.

37) As usual the meeting didn’t start on time.

38) They told us to wait in the corridor with the others.

39) Clare’s got a very small room on the third floor.

40) There must be a key in the room somewhere.

41) He always sits in the same chair and never looks at anybody.

42) How many times a day do you go up and down this ladder?

43) I can’t wait for you, I must go home immediately.

44) Don’t sit on that bench. The paint is still wet.


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  1. Se vuoi controllare una versione diversa da quelle offerte qui sopra o se hai qualche perplessità riguardo una regola o un modo di dire, lasciate un commento qui e risponderò al più presto.

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