Daily Translation Elementary ~ Answers


Ecco le mie soluzioni.
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1) Lucy doesn’t usually eat much at breakfast.

2) John told me about your little accident the other day.

3) Look how much snow there is on the mountains this morning.

4) Have you got any idea where these ants [come from / are coming from]?

5) The sign outside the shop was old and faded.

6) Don’t wait for me. I’ve still got a lot to do.

7) Do all these cars belong to the sultan?

8) Why haven’t these dogs got a place to sleep?

9) I can’t see what they’re doing from here.

10) There are still a lot of papers to sign.

11) He lost everything in a fire last week.

12) I hardly ever wake up later than 7 o’clock.

13) I’m not going to stop now just because it’s getting late.

14) Bob is thinking of joining the chess club.

15) Claire wanted to see everybody but she didn’t have much time.

16) There must be a new cook at Alice’s restaurant.

17) Why don’t we sit here? The view is better.

18) Put your hands where I can see them and don’t move.

19) There were a lot of clouds over the mountains.

20) Haven’t we got any more of those little chocolate biscuits?

21) I was half asleep and I made a lot of mistakes.

22) What time did all the others arrive?

23) Don’t interrupt me when I’m talking to you.

24) How can we avoid the roadworks?

25) I always sleep well in Bob’s old bedroom.

26) Don’t forget to leave a note for Lucy.

27) There isn’t much paper in the printer.

28) I’m going to have a break soon. I’m [exhausted/really tired].

29) Your writing is worse than my doctor’s.

30) I think Tom has got something [to tell us/to say to us].

31) It’s going to be a long, hard day.

32) Bob [caught/grabbed/seized] the glass and put it back on the table.

33) How do you do the exercise at the bottom of page 23?

34) It’s the most expensive house in our catalogue.

35) Your office is much tidier than mine.

36) Why don’t you join us for dinner this evening?

37) Where did you leave your bicycles when you went around the market?

38) I listened carefully but I didn’t understand (very) much.

39) I’m looking for Bob’s laptop. Do you know where it is?

40) Lucy is sitting over there in that big red armchair.

41) When are you going to tell them about the meeting?

42) The results of the test were very encouraging.

43) I hardly ever see Claire’s brother at the gym.

44) These gloves have got a hole in one of the fingers.

45) Did you put the chicken in the oven at half past twelve?




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