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Ecco le mie soluzioni.
Usa la sezione per i commenti in fondo a questa pagina solamente se ti resta un dubbio o per controllare una versione alternativa o se hai bisogno di qualche spiegazione.

1) I don’t know what they’re going to do now.

2) Can you hear what they’re saying?

3) Leave it where you found it.

4) What time do you usually meet?

5) Are there any eggs in the fridge?

6) Can’t you do anything to help her?

7) Can you give it back to me on Tuesday evening?

8) There’s not much I can do at this point, I’m afraid.

9) I hardly ever come here in the morning.

10) Can you bring me something to drink, please? I’m very thirsty.

11) It was more complicated than I thought.

12) I had the worst experience of my life yesterday.

13) I can’t believe they’re still working at this time of (the) night.

14) What do you think of my new hair cut? Do you like it?

15) There weren’t enough places at the table.

16) Why are you staring at that man’s shoes?

17) Our garden is much smaller than yours.

18) There were a lot more people than last year.

19) There are still some seats in the back row.

20) Are you going to study this afternoon too?

21) I’m looking for a permanent centre of gravity.

22) I met them again the [following/next] year.

23) I’d like to know what you think about it.

24) I lent her a lot of money [only/just] last week.

25) I always make the same mistake at this point.

26) Don’t be late if you want to get a good seat.

27) Bob’s father keeps all his musical instruments here.

28) What part of Scotland do Lucy’s cousins come from?

29) I had onion soup on that occasion.

30) You can’t talk to him now, he’s working.



  1. “Under” is usuaully used in direct relation to the object in question whereas “below” can mean “anywhere that is not above”. So, in a sense “below” encompasses a larger area. In some contexts, such as this one, “below” is more typical because it actually means “anywhere that is not above the line” whereas “under” would give more the impression of the area that is more or less “in contact” with the black line. It’s not a critical difference though and if you were to say “under” it would be perfectly understandable. Very often these expressions are just a consequence of popular use: one expression “sounds better” in a certain context than another.

  2. Stefania, scusami, c’è stata un po’ di confusione da parte mia qui.
    La frase è: Vorrei finirlo prima della fine della prossima settimana.
    Quindi la tua versione, “I’d like to finish it before the next weekend” in effetti funziona!

  3. Se vuoi controllare una versione diversa da quelle offerte qui sopra o se hai qualche perplessità riguardo una regola o un modo di dire, lasciate un commento qui e risponderò al più presto.

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