22) Elementary Dictation Practice

Esercizi di dettato in lingua inglese

L’audio consiste in 50 frasi di dettato, slegate tra di loro. Ogni frase viene letto due volte. Usa la pausa sul player per darti il tempo per scrivere la frase dopo la prima lettura e per aggiustarla, se necessario, dopo la seconda lettura. Le versioni corrette si trovano in fondo alla pagina. Una volta svolto il dettato, la traccia audio può essere utilizzata anche come esercizio di pronuncia, ascoltando e ripetendo le frasi con o senza il testo davanti.

Per chi è già ben avviato al livello elementary (A1/A2)




1) He doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

2) I wonder which way they went in the end.

3) It’s got blue wings and a red tail.

4) I don’t know what his surname is, I’m afraid.

5) I can’t believe this is happening to us.

6) Do you know how many people came in the end?

7) It doesn’t usually rain much at this time of the year.

8) Have you got enough money with you?

9) We got to the beach quite early this morning.

10) There was a sign in the shop window.

11) You can’t take it with you, I’m afraid.

12) Why don’t you buy one on your way home?

13) There were a lot of kids on the bus last night.

14) I found it in my grandma’s old wardrobe.

15) Remember to leave some space at the bottom.

16) I wish you all the best in your new job.

17) I can take you to town but I can’t bring you back.

18) I’m learning slowly but it’s hard work.

19) The last time we came here it was closed.

20) I believe Tom has got another question for you.

21) It’s the last of my worries at the moment.

22) Take the batteries out if you’re not using it.

23) Give him something to drink while he’s waiting.

24) I can’t see anything from this position.

25) Did she say where they come from?

26) Tom’s aunt is a distant cousin of the queeen.

27) Aren’t you coming to the match with us?

28) Give us a couple of minutes to get ready.

29) They live down at the bottom of the hill.

30) He spoke quietly with a Welsh accent.

31) It’s got five white buttons down the front.

32) I don’t like the colour much but it was cheap.

33) Why do you have to leave so early?

34) I can’t decide which of these is better.

35) We’ve still got quite a long way to go.

36) The kitchen was very badly equipped.

37) There’s another one in the bottom drawer.

38) Where’s all this smoke coming from?

39) It’s on the third floor, next to the lifts.

40) We must take it to the next level now.

41) Don’t be surprised if they don’t show up.

42) We kept looking for it all day.

43) He taught me all I know about engines.

44) How did you find out about it?

45) What time did you get back last night?

46) The last time I saw Tom, he was drunk.

47) It’s a good idea to take notes, I think.

48) I can’t get the lid off this jar.

49) I’d like to see more of them before I go.

50) I’d like to see more of them before I go.


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