Which future?


  1. “Costruiranno un albergo qui.”

  2. “Chiedi a Jill. Ti aiuterà.”

  3. “Luca non lavora la prossima settimana.”

  4. “Non telefonare alle 2.00. Non saremo a casa.”

  5. “Il concerto sta per iniziare.”

  6. “Non credo che il Milan vincerà.”

  7. “Restano a casa i bambini stasera?”

  8. “Credi che pioverà a fine settimana?”

  9. “Domani alle 9.00 saremo a Vienna.”

  10. “Ti ricorderai di mandarmi una cartolina?”

  11. “L’aereo parte nel pomeriggio.”

  12. “Tom non sarà in ufficio domani. Va a Londra.”

  13. “Inviterai molta gente alla tua festa?”

  14. “Mi dispiace. Non succederà più.” (più = again)

  15. “Uscite voi stasera? Noi andiamo al cinema.”

  16. “Penso che Luigi non verrà.” (I don’t think…)

  17. “Siamo in ritardo. Perderemo il treno.” (perdere = to miss)

  18. “Guido io. Tu sei troppo stanco.”

  19. “Non ti alzare. I piatti li laverò io.”

  20. “Dove passerete le vacanze di Natale?” (passare = to spend)

  21. “Credo che guarderò un film stasera.”

  22. “La partita finisce alle 4.30.”

  23. “Che cosa farà Lara dopo l’università?” – “Cercherà un lavoro.”

  1. “You (go) out this evening?” – “No, I’m too tired.”

  2. “Don’t drink coffee before you go to bed. You (not sleep).”

  3. “We (go) to a concert this evening. It (start) at 7.30.”

  4. “Aren’t you ready yet?” – “Not yet. I (be) ready in five minutes.”

  5. “Do you know about Sally? She (get) married next month!”

  6. “It (not rain) so you don’t need to take an umbrella.”

  7. “My parents (go) on holiday next month.” – “Really! Where they (go)?”

  8. “Go to bed early and you (feel) better in the morning.”

  9. “Silvia is doing an English course. It (finish) on Friday.”

  10. “It’s Bob’s birthday tomorrow. He (be) twenty-five.”

  11. “There’s a football match tomorrow but I (not go).”

  12. “I’m sorry I was late this morning. It (not happen) again.”

  13. “I (go) out with some friends tonight. We meet at John’s house at 8 o’clock.”

  14. “I want some fresh air. I think I (go) for a walk after lunch.”

  15. “How you (get) home after the party tomorrow? The last bus (leave) at midnight.”

  16. “There’s no milk for breakfast tomorrow.” – “Don’t worry. I (buy) some on my way home.”

  17. “Do you want to go to the cinema tonight?” – “Yes, what time the film (begin)?

  18. “This letter is for Rosie.” – “OK. I (give) it to her.”

  19. “What you (do) next Monday afternoon?” – “I (work).

  20. “I (play) bridge tonight with Alan and Jill.”

  21. “I’m sure that I (recognise) her.”

  22. “Did you remember to book seats?” – “No, I forgot. I (telephone) now.”

  23. “We (have) some friends to lunch tomorrow.”

  24. “I (see) her tomorrow.”

  25. “John (bring) me his old piano this afternoon.” – “Really! Where you (put) it?”

  26. “We (know) tonight.”

  27. “You (go) to the auction (asta) tomorrow?” – “Yes, I (go), but I (not buy) anything.”

  28. “I told her three times yesterday. I (not tell) her again today.”

  29. “He (play) in a tennis match on Friday.”

  30. “My nephew (come) to stay with me next weekend.” – “Which room you (give) him?”

  31. “He (not believe) it.”

  32. “I (spend) a few days in Wincanton next week.”

  33. “He has gone to hospital with a broken leg.” – “I’m sorry to hear that. I (send) him a card.”

  34. “I (move) to a new flat next week.”

  35. “John’s father (build) a new garage here.”

  36. “I can’t understand this letter. It’s in German” – “”I call my son. He (translate) it for you.”

  37. “Where you (meet) them?”

  38. “What you (tell) the police? – “I (tell) them the truth.” (la verità)

  39. “You (have) another cup of coffee?” – “No, thank you.”

  40. “He (start) tomorrow.”

  41. “When you (have) your next lesson?” – “I (have) it on Monday.”

  42. “I (give) him a football for his next birthday.”

  43. “Look what I bought in the sales (saldi)!” – “What a strange thing! Where you (put) it?”

  44. “He (wash) the car?”

  45. “You (eat) it raw (crudo)? You (be) ill.”

  46. “I hope you (have) a good time tomorrow.”

  47. “Why are you cutting those mushrooms?” – “I (put) them in the sauce.”

  48. “Did you know that France (play) England on Saturday?”

  49. “The inspector (ask) you a few questions.

  50. “You (tidy) the garage?” – “Yes, you (help) me?”

  51. “How do I get from here to London Bridge?” – “I don’t know, but I (ask) that policeman.”

  52. “I (compete) in the bicycle race tomorrow.”

  53. “I’m sure that you (like) her.”

  54. “My brother came back from Spain this morning” – “Oh good, we (invite) him to our next party.”

  55. “He (leave) in a few days.”

  56. “What you (do) when you grow up?” – “I (be) an actress.”

  57. “You (open) the door for me, please?”

  58. “I (read) you his answer to my letter.”

  59. “You look frozen. Sit down and I (make) you a cup of tea.”

  60. “Don’t worry. I (remember) it.”

  61. “Mr Pitt said that he (not come) back until Wednesday evening.”

  62. “What you (do) with the money?”

  63. “You (buy) bread?” – “Yes, of course.” – “You (buy) some for me, please?”

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