Daily Translation Elementary ~ Answers


Ecco le soluzioni. Se ti resta qualche dubbio o hai una versione alternativa o hai bisogno
di qualche spiegazione, usa la sezione per i commenti in fondo alla pagina.

1) “He drew a circle in the sand and sat down inside it.”

2) “The book fell off the shelf and hit the lamp on my desk.”

3) “Bob ran under a tree when it started to rain.”

4) “Now, it’s right. How many times did you have to try?”

5) “We can use this room to dance. It’s big enough.”

6) “Where are all the other glasses? I can’t find them.”

7) “Whose keys are these? Are they yours?”

8) “Where are you taking that magazine? I’d like to read it.”

9) “Can I get you another glass of wine?”

10) “Don’t close the door. It’s hot in here.”

11) “Is there still any petrol in the car?”

12) “We haven’t got any strawberry jam, I’m afraid.”

13) “He made a lot of mistakes in the third exercise.”

14) “Would you like to see the rest of the house now or later?”

15) “When are you going to take the statistics exam?”

16) “I’m going to follow (do) the maths course next year.”

17) “Can I have some mashed potatoes with my sausages, please?”

18) “Neil doesn’t usually work so late on Saturday.”

19) “I don’t know why he’s got a garage, he never uses it.”

20) “Tom wrote the address on a paper napkin.”

21) “Clare learnt to speak French when she was in France.”

22) “Bob left his wallet on the bus yesterday afternoon.”

23) “Tom isn’t exactly the brightest person I know.”

24) “What’s the best solution in your opinion?”

25) “Where is uncle Bob taking all those books?”

26) “There were some scratches on the door and one of the windows was broken.”

27) “Tom is working for my old boss in this period.”

28) “I can’t do anything at the moment. I’ve got a broken leg.”

29) “Can you keep me a seat in the front row, please?”

30) “What do you think of Grandma’s new fur coat?”

31) “Bob’s going to help me to find a second-hand car.”

32) “Don’t talk! I’m not going to explain it twice.”

33) “Are you really going to sell everything to David’s cousin?”

34) “It wasn’t our bus. Ours leaves later.”

35) “Are these Lucy’s keys?” “No, they aren’t hers. They’re David’s.”

36) “Your seat is over there. These seats are mine and Tom’s.”


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  1. Se vuoi controllare una versione diversa da quelle offerte qui sopra o se hai qualche perplessità riguardo una regola o un modo di dire, lasciate un commento qui e risponderò al più presto.

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