Daily Translation Elementary ~ Answers


Ecco le soluzioni. Se ti resta qualche dubbio o hai una versione alternativa o hai bisogno
di qualche spiegazione, usa la sezione per i commenti in fondo alla pagina.

1) “Why didn’t you go to the cinema with the others last night?”

2) “We saw you at the concert yesterday but you didn’t see us.”

3) “Is Bob’s grandfather going to grow tomatoes again next year?”

4) “We’re going to choose the colour for the walls on Saturday afternoon.”

5) “Why aren’t you doing the exercises that I asked you to do?”

6) “Tom missed the bus yesterday and had to go to work on foot.”

7) “Jane bought a car in 2014 but she sold it the next year.”

8) “Tom’s car is really dirty. He hardly ever washes it.”

9) “Clare cut the vegetables and put them in the pan.”

10) “Bob had to get up early the next day.”

11) “Jane isn’t usually late. Perhaps she’s lost.”

12) “Do you want some biscuits with your tea?”

13) “When would Clare like to meet the others?”

14) “How would Tom like to travel to London? By train?

15) “Why don’t you try some of this fruit salad?”

16) “Clare never looks at me when I talk to her.”

17) “Bob hardly ever has dinner in the dining room.”

18) “Do Bob’s parents ever sit outside on the balcony?”

19) “I didn’t know about Clare’s accident. How is she now?”

20) “There was a violent storm last night. Did you hear it?”

21) “There wasn’t enough food for everybody. It was very embarrassing.”

22) “Have you got my umbrella? I can’t find it.”

23) “I don’t usually take this road, but it is faster.”

24) “I’m sorry but we can’t come to Tom’s party on Saturday.”

25) “Clare asked Bob why he didn’t believe her.”

26) “The English teacher speaks very quickly and I can’t understand her.”

27) “Can you help her? She’s lost and hasn’t got any money.”

28) “Where can I buy some typical souvenirs around here?”

29) “Bob can’t work tomorrow. He’s got a very bad cold.”

30) “Are there any Beatles songs that you can’t sing?”




  1. Se vuoi controllare una versione diversa da quelle offerte qui sopra o se hai qualche perplessità riguardo una regola o un modo di dire, lasciate un commento qui e risponderò al più presto.

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