Daily Translation Intermediate ~ Answers


Ecco le soluzioni. Se ti resta qualche dubbio o hai una versione alternativa o hai bisogno
di qualche spiegazione, usa la sezione per i commenti in fondo alla pagina.

1) “Everybody was still trying to understand what had happened. It was really strange.”

2) “You shouldn’t have told Clare. Now everybody will know.”

3) “What were all the new students waiting for? The teacher had already left.”

4) “They gave us so many options that we couldn’t decide what to do.”

5) “I wouldn’t start opening everything until Bob arrives.”

6) “We’ll soon find out if Jane really liked it or not.”

7) “It was much colder than I could ever have imagined.”

8) “Clare didn’t have to tidy everything by herself. She was helped.”

9) “Have you been drinking? I can smell wine on your breath.”

10) “I’ve been trying to get in touch with Clare for three days.”

11) “Has Tom always had such radical ideas about modern art?”

12) “Do you think anyone will really listen to what you have to say?”

13) “I’ve heard a lot of stories about him but I don’t know whether to believe them or not.”

14) “It’s been a long hard journey but here we are at last.”

15) “How long have all these homeless people been sleeping in this barn/granary?”

16) “Why didn’t you tell me that you weren’t feeling well? We could have stayed at home.”

17) “Does it always take Clare so long (such a long time) to get ready?”

18) “If Tom had remembered to take the key, he wouldn’t have had to wait for us.”

19) “I finished ages ago. What shall we do now?”

20) “I’m sorry, I wasn’t listening to you. I was thinking about something else.”

21) “They had alresady seen everything (that was) worth seeing.”

22) “If we all talk at the same time, nobody will understand anything.”

23) “I’ve had enough of this noise. I’m going to make a complaint.”

24) “Mark is much better than us at organising surprise parties.”

25) “I bought the biggest chocolate cake (that) I could find.”

26) “It was the most complicated job that I have ever had to do.”

27) “I’m sure he’ll let you go to the concert if you promise to be good.”

28) “Bob washed, got dressed and left in less than five minutes.”

29) “What were all the others doing when it started to rain?”

30) “It’s never too late to say sorry. Do it now while you’re thinking about it.”

31) “The winter in Dublin was nowhere near as cold as Clare had imagined.”

32) “Were there enough chairs or did some people have to sit on the floor?”

33) “It was stuck to the table and I couldn’t get it off without ruining it.”

34) “It will take us at least three hours to get there, if we’re lucky.”

35) “Make yourself comfortable on the sofa and I’ll tell you exactly what happened.”

36) “It must have been a very difficult decision to make.”

37) “It can’t have been Bob. He was out all day yesterday.”

38) “Someone has been trying to call me all day.”

39) “I din’t expect anyone to come with this bad weather.”

40) “The cake wasn’t as good as the last one he made, but it wasn’t bad.”

41) “I’ll join you as soon as I’ve heard what the director has to say.”



  1. Se vuoi controllare una versione diversa da quelle offerte qui sopra o se hai qualche perplessità riguardo una regola o un modo di dire, lascia un commento qui sotto. Risponderò al più presto. 🙂

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