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Esercizi di ascolto in inglese

Chi non ha la possibilità di interagire regolarmente con persone di madrelingua inglese dovrebbe necessariamente compensare facendo il più ascolto possibile. In questa pagina sono raggruppati tutti i podcasts della mitica BBC per dare la possibilità di allenare l’orecchio a tutti i livelli.

6 Minute Grammar (per tutti)

The past perfect 6 Minute Grammar

Where had John already gone when Mary rang his doorbell? We give you the answer.
  1. The past perfect
  2. Modals of deduction and speculation
  3. The zero and first conditionals
  4. Present continuous and 'going to'
  5. Phrasal verbs

6 Minute Vocabulary (per tutti)

Lexical sets 6 Minute Vocabulary

Finn and Catherine give you some tips on how to remember new words.
  1. Lexical sets
  2. -ing and -ed adjectives
  3. Binomials
  4. Chunks of language
  5. Prefixes

6 Minute English (intermediate)

The Human Library: Life as an open book 6 Minute English

Would you like to borrow a person for a half-hour candid conversation?
  1. The Human Library: Life as an open book
  2. How green is nuclear energy?
  3. Why we forget the things we learn
  4. Why is Super Mario so popular?
  5. Should fast food sponsor sport?
  6. Grime: Music from architecture
  7. Where do your tips go?
  8. Angela Merkel
  9. Smart tech and climate change
  10. Going through the menopause

The English We Speak (intermediate)

I'll give you that The English We Speak

Learn what to say when you agree with someone about some or all of what they said.
  1. I'll give you that
  2. Another string to your bow
  3. Clap back
  4. Talk through your hat
  5. Quote … unquote

News Review (advanced)

Omicron: New Covid strain, new travel restrictions Learning English News Review

We discuss this story and teach you some related vocabulary so you can talk about it too.
  1. Omicron: New Covid strain, new travel restrictions
  2. Adele gets Spotify to stop album shuffle
  3. Austria: Lockdown for unvaccinated
  4. COP26: Fossil fuel industry has largest delegation
  5. Countries try to change UN climate paper

Global News (advanced)

Police hunt parents charged in US school shooting Global News Podcast

The authorities say the Michigan couple's son killed four students with his father's handgun. Also: Ethiopia closes schools to boost war effort, and the actor Sir Antony Sher dies of cancer aged 72.
  1. Police hunt parents charged in US school shooting
  2. Taliban decree says Afghan women are 'not property, but free human beings'
  3. US to restart 'Remain in Mexico' policy
  4. Scientists find trigger for rare AstraZeneca clots
  5. WTA suspends China tournaments over Peng Shuai

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