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Esercizi di ascolto in inglese

Chi non ha la possibilità di interagire regolarmente con persone di madrelingua inglese dovrebbe necessariamente compensare facendo il più ascolto possibile. In questa pagina sono raggruppati tutti i podcasts della mitica BBC per dare la possibilità di allenare l’orecchio a tutti i livelli.

6 Minute Grammar (per tutti)

Used to and would 6 Minute Grammar

Listen to the programme to practise the grammar we've learned so far in the series.
  1. Used to and would
  2. Will, going to, might
  3. Question Tags
  4. Present Perfect and Past Simple
  5. State verbs

6 Minute Vocabulary (per tutti)

Finn and Alice look at a very important part of word building – suffixes.
  1. Suffixes
  2. Academic Vocabulary
  3. Talk like Shakespeare
  4. More irregular verbs
  5. Eponyms as nouns and verbs

6 Minute English (intermediate)

Can AI have a mind of its own? 6 Minute English

Hear about the software engineer who became 'friends' with his computer.
  1. Can AI have a mind of its own?
  2. Climate change: Are there too many people?
  3. The hidden life of buffets
  4. Songwriting
  5. United against food waste
  6. 3D printers
  7. Are opinion polls accurate?
  8. Deep-sea mining: Good or bad for the planet?
  9. Can music mend a broken heart?
  10. The art of conversation

The English We Speak (intermediate)

Jog your memory The English We Speak

Learn a phrase about remembering.
  1. Jog your memory
  2. A flying start
  3. Steal someone's thunder
  4. Call it a day
  5. Off the top of my head

News Review (advanced)

'Love hormone': New study Learning English News Review

Are scientists wrong about the so-called 'love hormone'? Learn to talk about this story.
  1. 'Love hormone': New study
  2. 'Burnout': Jacinda Ardern Resigns
  3. Global economy slows down
  4. Prince Harry's book
  5. Warmest January day ever

Global News (advanced)

Ukraine: Police raid oligarch's home Global News Podcast

A series of anti-corruption raids have been carried out in Ukraine targeting prominent figures including a billionaire backer of President Vlodymyr Zelensky. Opposition activists in Myanmar take part in a 'silent strike ' to mark two years since the military junta overthrew the democratically-elected government, a once in a fifty thousand year chance to see 'the green comet', and we look at the alarming world of deep fakes.
  1. Ukraine: Police raid oligarch's home
  2. Top US diplomat says Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank hinders peace prospects
  3. Ukraine accused of using land-mines to fight Russia's invasion
  4. Top US diplomat calls for calm after days of Israeli-Palestinian violence
  5. Thirty two killed in Pakistan mosque attack

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