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• esercizi di ascolto in inglese •

Chi non ha la possibilità di interagire regolarmente con persone di madrelingua inglese dovrebbe necessariamente compensare facendo il più ascolto possibile. In questa pagina sono raggruppati tutti i podcasts della mitica BBC per dare la possibilità di allenare l’orecchio a tutti i livelli.

6 Minute Grammar (per tutti)

Present perfect continuous 6 Minute Grammar

How long have Neil and Catherine been talking about the present perfect continuous?
  1. Present perfect continuous
  2. Present tenses
  3. 'Can', 'could', 'be able to', 'manage to'
  4. 'Used to' and 'would'
  5. Talking about the future

6 Minute Vocabulary (per tutti)

Irregular verbs 2 6 Minute Vocabulary

Break, broke, broken… We look at verbs that don't behave themselves.
  1. Irregular verbs 2
  2. Eponyms as nouns and verbs
  3. Adjectives from names
  4. Large numbers
  5. Suffixes -sion -tion -tian

6 Minute English (intermediate)

Robot Artists 6 Minute English

Will Robots ever be able to think or dream? Could they fall in love or create art?
  1. Robot Artists
  2. Bats: Friend or foe?
  3. Is the planet warming up faster?
  4. Is technology harmful to youngsters?
  5. Is chimp politics like ours?
  6. Making sense of the census
  7. The fear of numbers
  8. A future without doctors?
  9. Lights! Camera! Kiss! – Intimacy on screen
  10. Head injury in sport

The English We Speak (intermediate)

Hits different The English We Speak

Here’s the expression you can use to talk about something special.
  1. Hits different
  2. Extra
  3. Zhuzh
  4. Lo and behold
  5. Bigwig

News Review (advanced)

Emma Raducanu wins US Open Learning English News Review

Raducanu becomes the first British woman for 44 years to win a Grand Slam singles title.
  1. Emma Raducanu wins US Open
  2. Abba: Pop superstars are back
  3. Rolling Stones drummer dies
  4. Afghanistan: Taliban retake Kabul
  5. Climate crisis: Last warning for humanity?

Global News (advanced)

UN urges Taliban to re-open girls' schools Global News Podcast

The UN calls on the Taliban to re-open girls' secondary schools in Afghanistan. The US moves thousands of migrants away from a Texas border town. And a new twist in the case of the missing travel blogger – as her fiance also disappears.
  1. UN urges Taliban to re-open girls' schools
  2. US admits Kabul drone strike killed civilians
  3. Russia’s parliamentary election begins
  4. US tries to calm French anger over security pact with UK and Australia
  5. China denounces UK-US-Australia pact as 'damaging'

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