To get

Verb and preposition collocations

To get away from

  • I can’t get away from him.
  • Non posso liberarmi di lui.

To get away with

  • You won’t get away with it this time.
  • Non la farai franca questa volta.

To get back from

  • Alan usually gets back from work at about 6.00.
  • Di solito Alan torna dal lavoro verso le 6:00

To get by on

  • Tom’s grandmother gets by on just £60 a week.
  • La nonna di Tom tira avanti con soltanto £50 alla settimana.

To get excited about

  • Are you getting excited about the match on Wednesday?
  • Sei emozionato per la partita di mercoledì?

To get fired for

  • Tom got fired for insulting the boss.
  • Tom è stato licenziato per aver insultato il capo.

To get married to

  • Jane is getting married to Mike next month.
  • Jane si sposa con Mike il mese prossimo.

To get on with

  • Lucy gets on really well with my dad.
  • Lucy va molto d’accordo con mio papà.

To get out of

  • I’ve got out of taking Tom to the airport tomorrow.
  • Ho evitato di accompagnare Tom all’aeroporto domani.

To get ready for

  • It’s time to get ready for the meeting.
  • È ora di prepararsi per la riunione.

To get rid of

  • Perhaps you should get rid of all these old magazines.
  • Forse dovresti sbarazzarti di tutte queste vecchie riviste.

To get tired of

  • I’m getting tired of all his complaints.
  • Mi sto stancando di tutte le sue lamentele.

To get to

  • We got to London at about midday.
  • Siamo arrivati a Londra verso mezzogiorno.

To get used to

  • You’ll get used to working here eventually.
  • Prima o poi ti abituerai a lavorare qui.

To get worried about

  • Are you getting worried about the exam?
  • Ti stai preoccupando per l’esame?

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