PET – Sentence Transformation

Complete the second sentence so that it means the same as the first,
using NO MORE THAN 3 words.

1) We have a new swimming pool in our town.
There ———- a new swimming pool in our town.

2) The new pool opened five days ago.
The new pool has been open ———- five days.

3) The old swimming pool wasn’t as big as the new one.
The new swimming pool is ———- the old one.

4) The new pool is closed on Wednesday mornings.
The new pool isn’t ———- on Wednesday mornings.

5) Young children are not allowed to go in the deep end.
Young children must ———- in the deep end.

6) This is the first time I’ve been to the new pool.
I ———- been to the new pool before.

7) I went to the old pool every week.
I used ———- to the old pool every week.

8) My old swimming costume isn’t big enough for me.
My old swimming costume is too ———- for me.

9) I borrowed a swimming costume from my friend.
My friend ———- a swimming costume.

10) We stayed in the pool for two hours.
We ———- two hours in the pool.

11) The Royal Cinema is near my house.
The Royal Cinema is not ———- my house.

12) The cinema has eight screens.
There ———- eight screens in the cinema .

13) I go there every Sunday with my friend.
I go there ———- Sundays with my friend.

14) We pay £6 each for the tickets.
The tickets ———- £6 each.

15) Last week my sister said she wanted to come with us.
Last week my sister said, “I ———- come with you.”

16) My brother is too young to come with us.
My brother isn’t ———- to come with us.

17) The film was so long that I fell asleep.
It was such ———- that I fell asleep.

18) I found the film boring.
I was ———- by the film.

19) The title of the film was Barry Lyndon.
The film was ———- Barry Lyndon.

20) My sister said it was the worst film she’d ever seen.
My sister said, “———- the worst film I’ve ever seen.”

21) My friend and I took the bus to town last week.
My friend and I went to town ———- last week.

22) My friend forgot to bring her purse.
My friend didn’t ———- bring her purse.

23) She asked me how much money I had in my purse.
She asked me,”How much money ———- in your purse?”

24) First we went into a shop called The Blue Banana.
First we went into a shop ———- name was The Blue Banana.

25) We couldn’t afford the clothes in The Blue Banana.
The clothes in The Blue Banana were ———- for us.

26) We bought nothing in The Blue Banana.
We didn’t ———- in The Blue Banana.

27) The shop next door is owned by my mother’s friend.
My mother’s friend ———- the shop next door.

28) Although she showed me lots of clothes, I couldn’t choose.
She showed me lots of clothes ———- I couldn’t choose.

29) We said, “If we don’t hurry, we’ll miss the bus”.
We said, “Unless ———- we’ll miss the bus”.

30) We had such a tiring day we fell asleep on the bus.
We were so ———- we fell asleep on the bus.

31) All the students in my class went to a restaurant together.
———- in my class went to a restaurant together.

32) The restaurant is usually crowded because it’s so good.
It’s usually crowded because it’s ———- good restaurant.

33) It’s less crowded on weekdays.
It isn’t ———- crowded on weekdays.

34) The restaurant had a large garden at the back.
———- a large garden at the back of the restaurant.

35) Before choosing our food, we asked the waiter’s advice.
We asked the waiter’s advice, then ———- our food.

36) The waiter recommended a fish dish.
The waiter said, “If I ———- you, I’d have the fish dish.

37) The service charge wasn’t included in the bill.
The bill ———- the service charge.

38) The ring I bought was more expensive than the others in the shop.
I bought ———- ring in the shop.

39) The moon is smaller than the earth.
The moon is not ———- as the earth.

40) My brother is shorter than all the other boys in his class.
My brother is the ———- in his class.

41) Sailing is less tiring than windsurfing.
Sailing is not ———- windsurfing.

42) Children are given a quiz when they arrive at the museum.
The museum ———- children a quiz when they arrive.

43) I am driven to school every day by my father.
My father ———- me to school every day.

44) I have never lived in a flat before.
This is the first time I ———- in a flat.

45) My new flat is near the station.
My new flat is not ———- the station.

46) The flat is smaller than my old one.
The flat is not ———- my old one.

47) I moved into this flat three weeks ago.
I ———- this flat for three weeks.

48) The flat has one bedroom.
There ———- one bedroom in the flat.

49) From my window, I have a lovely view.
From my window, the view ———- lovely.

50) From this flat, my journey to work is very short.
I get to work very ———- from this flat.

51) Tickets are sold at the box office until 8pm.
The box office ———- tickets until 8pm.

52) There was such a tall man in front of me that I couldn’t see very well.
The man in front of me was ———- that I couldn’t see very well.

53) The orchestra played too softly so it was difficult to hear the music.
The orchestra didn’t play ———- so it was difficult to hear the music.

54) Some of the performers were very good dancers indeed.
Some of the performers danced very ———- indeed.

55) We should come to musicals more often.
We ought ———- to musicals more often.

56) She said “Please lend me some money, Bill.”
She asked Bill ———- some money.

57) “Don’t put anything on my desk, Susan,” said Derek.
Derek told Susan ———- anything on his desk.

58) “Can you phone the bank please, Mrs Jones?”said the accountant.
The accountant asked Mrs Jones ———- the bank.

59) “Please don’t touch my computer Adam,” I said.
I asked Adam ———- touch my computer.

60) The manager said “Don’t go into my office, Jenny.”
The manager told Jenny ———- into his office.”

61) “Please tidy all the shelves, Helen,”said Jasper.
Jasper asked Helen ———- all the shelves.

62) “Mike, give me my jacket,”said Dave.
Dave asked Mike ———- his jacket.





1) is
2) for
3) bigger than
4) open
5) not go
6) have/’ve never
7) to go
8) small
9) lent me
10) spent
11) far from
12) are
13) on
14) cost
15) want to
16) old enough
17) a long film
18) bored
19) called
20) This/It is
21) by bus
22) remember to
23) do you have/have you got
24) whose
25) too expensive
26) buy anything
27) owns
28) but
29) we hurry
30) tired
31) everyone/everybody
32) such a
33) as/so crowded
34) There was
35) (we) chose
36) were
37) didn’t/did not include
38) the most expensive
39) as big
40) shortest boy
41) as tiring as
42) gives
43) drives
44) have/’ve lived
45) far from
46) as big as
47) have/’ve been/lived in
48) is
49) is
50) quickly
51) sells
52) so tall
53) loudly enough
54) well
55) to go
56) to lend her
57) not to put
58) to phone
59) not to
60) not to go
61) to tidy
62) to give him