12) Elementary Dictation Practice

Esercizi di dettato in lingua inglese

L’audio consiste in 50 frasi di dettato, slegate tra di loro. Ogni frase viene letto due volte. Usa la pausa sul player per darti il tempo per scrivere la frase dopo la prima lettura e per aggiustarla, se necessario, dopo la seconda lettura. Le versioni corrette si trovano in fondo alla pagina. Una volta svolto il dettato, la traccia audio può essere utilizzata anche come esercizio di pronuncia, ascoltando e ripetendo le frasi con o senza il testo davanti.

Per chi è già ben avviato al livello elementary (A1/A2)



1) They’ve got another one over there.

2) Let’s go over there and sit in the sun.

3) What time did you tell them to be here?

4) Try not to disturb the others.

5) She’s going to try again on Thursday.

6) It looks very nice from here, I must say.

7) Have you got time to see her today?

8) Can you switch the light off in the hall, please?

9) The shopping must still be in the car.

10) We must try and think of a better plan.

11) Come and have a coffee with the rest of us.

12) There’s a very good café just down the road from here.

13) Are you sure they know the way to the theatre?

14) Take your time, my friend. There’s no hurry.

15) It was lovely to see them all again.

16) Don’t forget I’ve still got one of your books.

17) He lives in that large house at the end of the street.

18) He’s going to see what he can do about it.

19) There must be another bathroom here somewhere.

20) What did you tell her in the end?

21) How important is this job to you?

22) Can you see the mistake in this sentence?

23) What do you want me to do with all these potatoes?

24) Did you buy a new battery for my phone?

25) It’s time to get ready for this evening.

26) There’s nobody in the office at the moment.

27) Let’s see what’s on at the cinema this evening.

28) How much did you have to pay to get in?

29) It’s going to be hard to find them now.

30) She’s taking the children to the cinema.

31) What did you do with my gym shoes yesterday?

32) I really like the way she sings this song.

33) Have you still got Tom’s bicycle?

34) It’s nice to know that you care.

35) After the show let’s go out for a meal.

36) You can take my car if you need it.

37) Can you hear the birds singing in the trees?

38) We often come here in the summer.

39) I’d like to spend more time reading.

40) You’ve got a butterfly on your shoulder.

41) Which way did the taxi go, left or right?

42) How much of this luggage is yours?

43) What did you say to the guard?

44) It’s a difficult moment for all of us.

45) Have you got a recipe for green beans?

46) I saw some of your friends at the stadium.

47) Don’t forget to take your pills after lunch.

48) Did you have a good time by the sea yesterday?

49) Switch the light off and close the door, please.

50) Come in and make yourself at home.


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