4) Elementary Dictation Practice

Esercizi di dettato in lingua inglese

L’audio consiste in 50 frasi di dettato, slegate tra di loro. Ogni frase viene letto due volte. Usa la pausa sul player per darti il tempo per scrivere la frase dopo la prima lettura e per aggiustarla, se necessario, dopo la seconda lettura. Le versioni corrette si trovano in fondo alla pagina. Una volta svolto il dettato, la traccia audio può essere utilizzata anche come esercizio di pronuncia, ascoltando e ripetendo le frasi con o senza il testo davanti.

Per chi è già ben avviato al livello elementary (A1/A2)



1) Where can I put my bicycle?

2) It’s fish and chips for lunch again.

3) There are some letters for you in the hall.

4) I bought some cheese in the market this morning.

5) She’s working very hard at the moment.

6) There’s a large frog in the middle of the road.

7) Can you cut the onions, please?

8) Are you sure he wants to come?

9) Did you find the place easily?

10) You can save a lot of money shopping here.

11) Don’t leave your luggage in the entrance hall.

12) I’d like to stay here until Thursday.

13) She can speak French, but she can’t speak German.

14) Can you give me a hand with these boxes?

15) Where are you taking the dog this morning?

16) There was a new waiter at our table.

17) I’ve got a present for them somewhere.

18) I don’t believe you know my cousin Frank.

19) She’s sitting in that chair over there.

20) What does your older brother do?

21) I left my bag on the bus this morning.

22) Can you hold these papers for me, please?

23) There was a baby fox in my garden yesterday.

24) Jane’s feeling much better this morning.

25) I’m going to do some work in the garden this morning.

26) He doesn’t often use his car during the week.

27) Where would you like to have dinner this evening?

28) It looks quite cold outside this morning.

29) Does Claire want to come with us?

30) How did you find the house without a map.

31) Which way did you come back from the pub last night?

32) What are you looking at? I can’t see anything.

33) Are there any more of those delicious potatoes?

34) I can come back later if you prefer.

35) We’re looking for a nice place to eat.

36) There are some lovely walks around here.

37) I’d like a seat by the window, please.

38) The weather is perfect for skiing today.

39) I can’t find my other shoe. Is it under the bed?

40) Is there another train in the afternoon?

41) There aren’t any more sandwiches, I’m afraid.

42) Put your warm coat on. It’s cold out this morning.

43) Are you thinking of doing anything special today?

44) How many times do I have to tell you?

45) Where are Jane’s parents going to sleep?

46) Would you like some more fruit juice?

47) What time does your plane take off?

48) We’re leaving on the next train to London.

49) Have you got any old Beatles records?

50) We’re waiting for the show to start.



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