17) Intermediate Dictation Practice

Esercizi di dettato in lingua inglese

L’audio consiste in 50 frasi di dettato, slegate tra di loro. Ogni frase viene letto due volte. Usa la pausa sul player per darti il tempo per scrivere la frase dopo la prima lettura e per aggiustarla, se necessario, dopo la seconda lettura. Le versioni corrette si trovano in fondo alla pagina.

Per chi è già ben avviato al livello intermediate (B1/B2)




1) It’s got something stuck on it right there.

2) Try and look at it from her point of view for a change.

3) Why don’t we just hire a car and drive there ourselves?

4) Give me another moment or two and I’ll be ready.

5) Get ready to pull as soon as Tom gives the word.

6) It’s been a funny sort of day for all of us in a way.

7) Try and keep your eyes on the road when you’re driving.

8) It takes her about an hour and a half to get ready in the morning.

9) I can’t get it to balance the way it’s supposed to.

10) They must have gone a different way from us.

11) They’ve always been very helpful in the past.

12) It’ll take more than a few clouds to stop me now.

13) He’s been worrying asbout it ever since he found out.

14) There must be some other way of getting in touch with them.

15) We’ll have to get someone in to sort it out.

16) I’m sure there’ll be a good reason why they’re not here.

17) Do you really want to run the risk of upsetting her again?

18) If you keep twisting it like that, it’ll break.

19) I found the most amazing little café in town yesterday.

20) You can’t take it with you, you have to eat it here.

21) We had to be there long before it actually opened.

22) Take it away from me before I eat it all.

23) Some of this fruit has seen better days, I’m afraid.

24) It’ll have to be on a Tuesday or a Friday.

25) Someone must have replaced the original with this one.

26) You should have seen the look on her face.

27) It looks as if we’ll have to make our own way there.

28) We won’t be coming back here again, that’s for sure.

29) I was wondering where to wait while William washes.

30) They were still wondering around when we got back.

31) It’s a very typical kind of attitude around here.

32) There’s not really a lot we can do for him, I’m afraid.

33) Call her if you like but I’m sure she won’t answer.

34) There was a bit of a panic in the office earlier.

35) We’ve lost far too many matches in this last period.

36) There really isn’t a lot of point trying to do it all now.

37) Someone should have told him before he got this far.

38) Have you ever thought of sharing it with someone?

39) Stop acting as if it’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to you.

40) He keeps telling me what to do all the time we’re working.

41) Check to see if all the parts are working first.

42) Put it all over there so we don’t forget it.

43) It’s been such a tough time for all of us lately.

44) I’ll see if I can find someone who can give us a hand.

45) Drop it in the water and see if it floats.

46) Most of the time he just stands around doing nothing.

47) I wasn’t sure if he’d made up his mind or not.

48) It’s not as big as I’d imagine it would be.

49) Someone must have been listening to us all the time.

50) It’s easy to do once you’ve got the hang of it.



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