8) Intermediate Dictation Practice

Esercizi di dettato in lingua inglese

L’audio consiste in 50 frasi di dettato, slegate tra di loro. Ogni frase viene letto due volte. Usa la pausa sul player per darti il tempo per scrivere la frase dopo la prima lettura e per aggiustarla, se necessario, dopo la seconda lettura. Le versioni corrette si trovano in fondo alla pagina. Una volta svolto il dettato, la traccia audio può essere utilizzata anche come esercizio di pronuncia, ascoltando e ripetendo le frasi con o senza il testo davanti.

Per chi è già ben avviato al livello intermediate (B1/B2)



1) Of course someone should have helped the poor guy to his feet.

2) Who cares what happens to them as long as they go?

3) I’m pretty sure I’ve seen quite a few of these photos before.

4) It would be nice to know what ideas the others are working on.

5) The grass isn’t always greener on the other side, you know.

6) She’s much better now that she’s moved away from that old flat.

7) I’ll see what I can do when I get back to the office.

8) I just don’t know how you’ve managed to do it all so quickly.

9) The last person to get back to the house cooks the dinner.

10) We spent about an hour and a half just getting the house back into order.

11) Why on earth were you two running around the dining hall like that?

12) I can’t help thinking we ought to have turned left back there.

13) Who told them they could come in here and do whatever they want?

14) Bear it in mind when you’re looking for somewhere to stay in that area.

15) Be strong, I’m sure it’ll all work out in the end.

16) Why don’t you try phoning them again this afternoon?

17) Let me know where you’ll be and I’ll join you as soon as I’ve finished.

18) I’d rather just look for another way of doing it.

19) We didn’t find out about it until it was already too late.

20) There wasn’t really much else we could do at the time.

21) How do you think they’ll take it when they find out?

22) It’s going to take a lot longer than any of us thought.

23) Why don’t you try getting it out from the other end?

24) There was a huge queue that went right round the corner.

25) I was counting on Tom’s son to tidy the place up a bit.

26) You’ve got nobody else but yourself to blame, I’m afraid.

27) I’ve got to take the dogs out for a run after lunch.

28) Keep half an eye on Tom, he’s a bit of a cheat.

29) He came round the corner on the wrong side of the road.

30) I’m not really in the habit of breaking the rules like this.

31) If you get off at the next stop, you can walk from there.

32) There are still a few little things that need to be sorted out.

33) I bet you don’t get salami like this where you’re from.

34) Don’t tell me you’re still trying to get through to her.

35) There must be another way of dealing with all this.

36) It’s late! What have you been doing all this time?

37) I think you’d better pick it all up and start again.

38) Wasn’t there any way of finding out before you began?

39) He keeps telling us he’s got nothing to do with it.

40) What if the owner comes back when we’re still in the pool?

41) A lot of the guests decided to leave at that point.

42) It took us most of the afternoon to find the right beach.

43) Someone should have told us the gym was closed all week.

44) It’s not really worth it for such a short period of time.

45) If you’re at a loose end later on, just give me a shout.

46) I’d avoid eating the skin, it’s quite tough and very bitter.

47) Come and have a look over here, there are lots more.

48) Someone’s dumped a load of old tyres on the beach.

49) It looks as if we’re going to have another storm soon.

50) I’ll have another go when I’ve got my breath back.



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