The priest and the bus driver

Piccole letture in chiave umoristica e/o filosofica

[per sapere il significato delle parole evidenziate,
passaci sopra con il mouse senza cliccare]

One day a priest and a bus driver died at more or less the same time. Convinced that they had both led good lives, they set off together on their journey towards the pearly gates of heaven.
As they were approaching the gates, Saint Peter appeared by their side and informed them that while there was no problem about the bus driver going to heaven, the priest would have to turn around and make his way down to hell.
“Why do I have to go to hell when the bus driver can go to heaven?” asked the priest, totally bewildered. “I’ve devoted my entire life to God!”
“It’s very simple,” replied Saint Peter. “Whenever you started reading the bible in church, everyone fell asleep, but whenever he was driving the bus, everyone started praying.”

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