Dictation 2: Jane’s Morning

08 Apr


Dictation Practice


Instructions for use:

  1. PRESENTATION ~ Lettura scorrevole di orientamento: ascolta senza scrivere.
  2. DICTATION ~ Lettura lenta e spezzettata con repetizione: ascolta e scrivi.
  3. FINAL READING ~ Lettura scorrevole di controllo: ascolta e aggiusta (se necessario).

ATTENZIONE: il testo originale è nei commenti. Non guardare prime di effettuare la prova!

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3 risposte a “Dictation 2: Jane’s Morning

  1. Tiziana lorenzi

    09/04/2014 at 06:45

    Thank you very much for this lesson!

  2. Tony Lawson

    08/04/2014 at 12:06


    Jane woke up at twenty past six. Her bedroom was cold and she was hungry so she got dressed quickly and went downstairs to the kitchen to make some breakfast. She ate four pieces of toast and drank a cup of hot tea and then took the dog for a quick walk around the park. Before going back home she bought a newspaper and gave some coins to an old woman who was sitting on the corner of the street. Back in the house she sang quietly to herself as she made her bed and got ready to go out. Then she read the front page of the newspaper, wrote a note for her brother and left the house at about half past eight. At the bus stop she stood in the queue for about fifteen minutes and finally caught the bus just after nine o’clock. Bob met her at the bus station and together they drove to London and spent all day shopping in the city centre.


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