Dust if you must

dust = polvere / to dust = spolverare

Listening exercise

1) stampa il testo riportato sotto
2) ascolta il brano e riempi gli spazi
3) passa sopra gli spazi con il mouse per controllare

N.B. il controllo va effettuato al pc e non con lo smartphone!

Dust if you must

by Rose Milligan

Dust if you must, but _______ it be _______

To _______ a picture or _______ a letter,

_______ a cake or _______ a seed,

_______ the difference between _______ and _______ ?

Dust if you must, but there’s not _______  _______ ,

With rivers to _______ and mountains to _______ ,

Music to _______ and books to _______ ,

Friends to _______ and life to _______ .

Dust if you must, but the _______‘s out there,

With the sun in your _______ and the wind in your _______ ,

A _______ of snow, a _______ of rain,

This day will not _______  _______ again.

Dust if you must, but _______ in _______ ,

Old age _______  _______ and it’s not _______ ,

And when you _______ (and go you must)

You, _______ , will _______  _______ dust.

[painting © Roland Batchelor]
[music © The Wimshurst’s Machine]

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Author: Tony

Born and raised in Malaysia between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. Educated at Wycliffe College in Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, England. Living in the foothills of Mount Etna since 1982 and teaching English at Catania University since 1987.

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