Dictation 6: Tom and Anne

Dictation Practice


Instructions for use:

  1. PRESENTATION ~ lettura scorrevole di orientamento: ascolta senza scrivere.
  2. DICTATION ~ lettura lenta e spezzettata con ripetizione: ascolta e scrivi.
  3. FINAL READING ~ lettura scorrevole di controllo: ascolta e aggiusta (se necessario).

ATTENZIONE: il testo originale è nei commenti. Non guardare prime di effettuare la prova!

One comment


    When Tom first met Anne he was still studying at London University and she was a waitress in an Italian restaurant in the centre of London. At first he didn’t really notice her as he ate his pizza and looked dreamily out of the window at the passing tourists. It was only when he was trying to attract her attention in order to pay the bill that he first noticed her delightful smile and the wonderful twinkle in her eyes. It was on his fourth visit to the restaurant that he finally found the courage to ask her out. She accepted immediately, with a wide smile, and Tom’s heart went crazy. He had broken up with his previous girlfriend several months earlier and this was the first time since then that he had really felt like getting involved in a relationship again. Happier than he had been for a long time, he disappeared into the underground whistling the song “Fly me to the moon” as he danced down the stairs.

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