I’m afraid not

Piccole letture in chiave umoristica e/o filosofica

[per sapere il significato delle parole evidenziate,
passaci sopra con il mouse senza cliccare]

One day a string walked into a bar and asked the bartender for a gin and tonic. The bartender looked at him with a scornful eye and said, “We don’t serve strings here.”
Humiliated, the string left the bar and walked into another one.
“Could I have a gin and tonic, please,” he asked respectfully.
“You must be joking, we don’t serve strings in this bar,” replied the bartender with a sardonic chuckle.
The string tried another couple of bars but it was always the same story.
Feeling somewhat humiliated but determined to find a solution to his problem, the string ruffled his hair, tied himself up, and walked back into the first bar.
The bartender looked across the bar at him and asked, “Aren’t you that string that was in here just a few minutes ago?”
“Who me?” replied the string, pretending to be surprised. “I’m afraid not.”


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