Active to passive

esercizio con la forma passiva
[vedi articolo]
• intermediate •

Cambia le frasi qui sotto dalla forma attiva alla forma passiva. Dove c’è un complemento di termine in grassetto, usalo come soggetto della frase passiva invece del complemento oggetto.

  1. We only use this room on special occasions.
  2. They feed the seals at the zoo twice a day.
  3. Students are doing a lot of the work.
  4. Are they pulling down the old theatre?
  5. They rang the church bells as a flood warning.
  6. Lightning hit the old oak tree.
  7. They were cleaning the windows and sweeping the floors.
  8. Someone was selling lottery tickets at the door.
  9. Will they give us a guide?
  10. We will not admit children under sixteen.
  11. Has someone made the sandwiches?
  12. The author has written a special edition for children.
  13. People must not leave bicycles in the entrance hall.
  14. Can children do this kind of work?
  15. They told her what to do.
  16. They showed us to our seats.
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