A New World – chapter 2

“A New World” è il primo libro di Mosè, più noto come la Genesi, raccontato in modo unico. Versi scorrevoli in rima baciata ed un incalzante ritmo trasportano il lettore dalle delizie verdeggianti del Giardino dell’Eden, oltre Noè e l’alluvione e le avventure di Abramo e Isacco, fino all’arrivo di Giuseppe in Egitto e la sua ascesa al potere come braccio destro del Faraone. Uno stile scanzonato ma mai irriverente, porta in vita i personaggi di questa storia biblica e fa di ‘A New World’ una lettura molto piacevole sia per bambini che per adulti.


[Genesis 2:8]

He made a special garden, Eden was its name,
And filled it up with flowers, not one of them the same.
He planted fruit and vegetables of every taste and smell,
And made the tree of knowledge, the tree of life as well.
Adam was allowed to eat from every plant that grew,
Except the tree of knowledge, whose fruit was quite taboo.

Everything seemed perfect, bountiful and bright,
But it was clear from Adam’s face that something wasn’t right.
So God sat down and made a plan to give his man a wife,
Perhaps a woman by his side would brighten up his life.
Of all the creatures he had made, not one would really do,
To make his young man happy, he’d have to start anew.

So one day in the garden, at the bottom of a glen,
God made Adam sleep a while and set to work again.
He took a rib from Adam’s side and down upon his knee,
He turned the rib into a woman, on the count of three.
Adam’s heart was filled with joy, he struggled to believe,
The girl was quite delightful and said her name was Eve.

Adam married Eve at once, they didn’t waste a day,
And all the other animals cried out, “Hip, hip, hooray!”
Everyone was cheerful and God was happy too,
He’d finally completed the things he’d planned to do.
And so upon the seventh day the Lord lay down to rest,
Satisfied that he had done his very very best.

But just when things are going well, they often don’t last long,
And in the garden, sure enough, something soon went wrong.
The trouble started with the snake and all his cunning lies,
The snake, some people argue, was the devil in disguise.
All we can be certain of, that tragic, fateful day,
Is that the snake beguiled Eve, when she went out to play.

He said the tree of knowledge produced a fruit so sweet,
No other fruit upon the earth was quite as good to eat.
He told her that a single bite was all she had to take,
And she’d become so powerful the whole wide world would shake.
The snake had soon convinced her that it was good and right,
So Eve reached up, picked a fruit, and took a hearty bite.

Then she looked for Adam and gave him some to eat,
Although it was forbidden, it was such a special treat.
But then their eyes were opened, they knew that it was wrong,
They saw that they were naked and their innocence had gone.
They made some fig-leaf clothing, trembling in their fright,
And hid themselves among the trees when God came into sight.

When the Lord set eyes on them, immediately he knew
They’d done the one and only thing he’d told them not to do.
He asked why they were hiding and why they were afraid,
Why they were not naked and why they’d disobeyed.
Adam put the blame on Eve, who quickly blamed the snake,
And God became so furious his hands began to shake.

He knew he had to punish them, he knew it must be done,
Even though his master plan had only just begun.
The snake was doomed to drag itself, legless through the land,
To be man’s dreaded enemy and eat the dust and sand.
The fate of Eve and Adam was harder to decide,
They were God’s own children, his real joy and pride.

He’d planned to give them everything, as long as they were good,
He’d even planned to make their lives as easy as he could.
But after some consideration, God just could not pardon,
And so he ordered both of them to leave his wondrous garden.
The food and clothes they needed, they’d have to sweat and earn,
And since from dust he’d made them, to dust they would return.

So Eve and Adam took their leave and set out on their own,
Adam ploughed the stony ground, Eve set up their home.
Life was hard and they regretted messing up their fate,
They realised the wrong they’d done, but it was far too late.
God had locked up Eden, behind a flaming sword,
To stop all men from entering the garden of the Lord.

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Author: Tony

Born and raised in Malaysia between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. Educated at Wycliffe College in Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, England. Living in the foothills of Mount Etna since 1982 and teaching English at Catania University since 1987.

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