What would happen if humans disappeared?

A nice example of the second conditional.
In this case someone has actually imagined the answer.

Watch the video and listen to the commentary.
Leave a comment if you feel inspired!

British English vs. American English

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I’m being chased…

Simpatico video della BBC che illustra (in breve) l’utilizzo del passivo progressivo in inglese:
una forma del passivo che in italiano non trova equivalente.


La forma passiva

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Trouble in school


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Misterduncan’s Full English – 13

Simpaticamente sopre le righe e con quel “humour” che contraddistingue la razza inglese, Misterduncan presenta in ogni episodio del suo “Full English” un calderone di vocaboli, espressioni e usanze sempre interessanti ed utili, e con una pronuncia chiara e facile da seguire (ci sono anche i sottotitoli in ogni caso).

In questo episodio il tema principale è attualissimo: il caldo estivo!

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Listening: “Cycling in London”


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Pronunciation practice: “must and mustn’t”

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School under a bridge

A group of school children in India are taught in their makeshift classroom – under a railway bridge. The noisy underpass doubles as a classroom for two hours each day after heroic shopkeeper Rajesh Kumar Sharma, 42, built it himself. The rudimentary learning space is situated under a Metro train bridge in a slum area of New Delhi called Yamuna Bank. It consists of two blackboards painted on a wall, two broken chairs for the teachers and simply rugs for the students to sit on. Rajesh – who set up the school after worrying about children from nearby slums missing out on an education – now has around 40 kids attending daily aged between four and 12.

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